Republican presidential contenders for 2016

Republican presidential contenders for 2016

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Although Jeb Bush has taken a step towards announcing plans to run for president, the field of Republican contenders for the White House in 2016 remains open. Below is list of possibles candidates.

Jeb Bush – The only two-term Republican governor of Florida and the son and brother of a president.

Chris Christie – Governor of blue New Jersey and an early front runner, but now tainted by scandal involving punishing political opponents.

Rand Paul – Libertarian first-term senator from Kentucky, who has taunted Chris Christie as the “king of bacon” for his alleged fondness for spending that benefits New Jersey.

Ben Carson – Retired African-American neurosurgeon, who emphasises cultural issues and currently polls second among Republicans for the 2016 nomination.

Scott Walker – Wisconsin governor, who has won three state-wide races and is known for his fierce assaults on public unions.

Rick Perry – Governor of Texas for over 14 years, he foundered as a presidential candidate in 2012, but is back courting Tea Party voters.

Bobby Jindal – Governor of Louisiana, who is liked by social conservatives and is positioning himself as an education and energy policy reformer.

Paul Ryan – Wisconsin congressman, who is a tireless tax cutter and served as Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential candidate in 2012.

Ted Cruz – First-term Texas senator, who is the darling of the Tea Party, but is disliked as much by the Republican establishment as he is by Democrats.

Marco Rubio – First-term Florida senator mostly famous for being young and Hispanic, and probably out of the running if Jeb Bush is in.

Lindsey Graham – Three-term senator from South Carolina, who is close to John McCain and would run almost as a clone, but without the respected war record.

John Kasich – Budget-slashing governor of Ohio, who spent 18 years in Congress and six years as a pundit at Fox News.

Mike Pence – Governor of Indiana, well liked by the Tea Party, Koch Brothers and social conservatives.

Mike Huckabee – Former Arkansas governor, who finished second in the Republican race in 2008 launched a successful talk radio and TV career.

Rick Santorum – Christian “theocon” (theocratic neoconservative), who is a former Pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate famous for his opposition to abortion, birth control and gay marriage.

Mitt Romney – His wife says the entire family is “done” with politics, but “the acid reflux candidate” – because he keeps coming back – is still talking like a candidate.

Donald Trump – Property developer and big-mouth reality TV star, who says he will decide in 2015 whether he will run for president. Famous for championing Obama “birther” conspiracies.